Dog Breed Walking Sticks

Dog Breed Walking Sticks featuring the designs of your favorite dog breed.
Dog breed specific walking sticks are cast from original woodcarvings. These beautiful walking sticks feature a dog head that is hand cast and hand painted mounted on a solid Birch stick. Walking Sticks have a solid brass collar and brass tip They measure Approximately 36" in length. Dog Breed Walking Sticks are available in over 90 different breeds. The dog figurines are cast in resin.
NOTE:Walking Sticks ARE NOT considered a medical device so should not be used as a therapeutic aide. Although sturdy, not designed for therapeutic or handicap use.
Please allow 3 weeks on this beautiful product. These are not mass-produced - custom made and are hand painted.

Customers from Canada, Hawaii and Alaska should inquire about international shipping prior to placing order.

PBGV Dog Breed Walking Stick
Pekingese Dog Breed Walking Stick
Poodle Dog Breed Walking Stick
Pug Dog Breed Walking Stick