Dog Silhouette Leash Rack

Dog Silhouette Leash Rack. When your best friend looks at you with those longing eyes - you know exactly what they need - reach for their leash from our Time for a Walk leash rack! They are made of a durable 18 gauge metal with a black acrylic enamel finish. Leash Rack can be used for not just hanging leashes but hanging anything you might want - dog related or not! Our leash holder measures Measures 9.75"W x 6.75"H. Holes are provided for secure mounting - hardware is not included.

Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

TFAW-afghan-hound.gif Afghan Hound Price: $19.95
TFAW-airedale.gif Airedale Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-akita.gif Akita Price: $19.95
TFAW-alaskan-malamute.gif Alaskan Malamute Price: $19.95
TFAW-american-eskimo.gif American Eskimo Price: $19.95
TFAW-aust-cattle-dog.gif Australian Cattle Dog Price: $19.95
TFAW-aust-shepherd.gif Australian Shepherd Price: $19.95
TFAW-aust-terrier.gif Australian Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-basenji.gif Basenji Price: $19.95
TFAW-basset-hound.gif Basset Hound Price: $19.95
TFAW-beagle.gif Beagle Price: $19.95
TFAW-bearded-collie.gif Bearded Collie Price: $19.95
TFAW-bedlington.gif Bedlington Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-belgian-tervuren.gif Belgian Tervuren Price: $19.95
TFAW-bernese-mtn-dog.gif Bernese Mt. Dog Price: $19.95
TFAW-bichon-frise.gif Bichon Frise Price: $19.95
TFAW-bloodhound.gif Bloodhound Price: $19.95
TFAW-border-collie.gif Border Collie Price: $19.95
TFAW-border-terrier.gif Border Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-borzoi.gif Borzoi Price: $19.95
TFAW-boston-terrier.gif Boston Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-bouvier-des-flandres.gif Bouvier des Flandres Price: $19.95
TFAW-boxer.gif Boxer Price: $19.95
TFAW-boxer-uncropped.gif Boxer (Uncropped) Price: $19.95
TFAW-briard.gif Briard Price: $19.95
TFAW-brittany.gif Brittany Price: $19.95
TFAW-brussels-griffon.gif Brussels Griffon Price: $19.95
TFAW-bull-terrier.gif Bull Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-english-bulldog.gif Bulldog Price: $19.95
TFAW-bullmastiff.gif Bullmastiff Price: $19.95
TFAW-cairn-terrier.gif Cairn Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-cavalier-king-charles.gif Cavalier King Charles Price: $19.95
TFAW-chihuahua.gif Chihuahua Price: $19.95
TFAW-chinese-crested.gif Chinese Crested Price: $19.95
TFAW-chow-chow.gif Chow Chow Price: $19.95
TFAW-cocker-spaniel.jpg Cocker Spaniel Price: $19.95
TFAW-collie-rough.gif Collie Price: $19.95
TFAW-collie-smooth.gif Collie (Smooth) Price: $19.95
TFAW-coonhound.gif Coonhound Price: $19.95
TFAW-corgi-cardigan.gif Cardigan Welsh Corgi Price: $19.95
TFAW-corgi-pembroke.gif Pembroke Welsh Corgi Price: $19.95
TFAW-dachshund-longhaired.gif Dachshund (Long Hair) Price: $19.95
TFAW-dachshund-smooth.gif Dachshund (Smooth Hair) Price: $19.95
TFAW-dachshund-wire.gif Dachshund (Wire Hair) Price: $19.95
TFAW-dalmatian.gif Dalmatian Price: $19.95
TFAW-scottish-deerhound.gif Deerhound Price: $19.95
TFAW-doberman.gif Doberman Pinscher Price: $19.95
TFAW-english-cocker-spaniel.gif English Cocker Spaniel Price: $19.95
TFAW-english-pointer.gif English Pointer Price: $19.95
TFAW-english-setter.gif English Setter Price: $19.95
TFAW-flat-coated-retriever.gif Flat Coated Retriever Price: $19.95
TFAW-fox-terrier.gif Fox Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-french-bulldog.gif French Bulldog Price: $19.95
TFAW-german-shepherd.gif German Shepherd Price: $19.95
TFAW-golden-retriever.gif Golden Retriever Price: $19.95
TFAW-gordon-setter.gif Gordon Setter Price: $19.95
TFAW-great-dane.gif Great Dane Price: $19.95
TFAW-great-dane-uncropped.gif Great Dane (Uncropped) Price: $19.95
TFAW-great-pyrenees.gif Great Pyrenees Price: $19.95
TFAW-greyhound.gif Greyhound Price: $19.95
TFAW-havanese.gif Havanese Price: $19.95
TFAW-irish-setter.gif Irish Setter Price: $19.95
TFAW-italian-greyhound.gif Italian Greyhound Price: $19.95
TFAW-keeshond.gif Keeshond Price: $19.95
TFAW-labrador-retriever.gif Labrador Retriever Price: $19.95
TFAW-lhasa-apso.gif Lhasa Apso Price: $19.95
TFAW-manchester-terrier.gif Manchester Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-mastiff.gif Mastiff Price: $19.95
TFAW-miniature-pincher.gif Miniature Pinscher Price: $19.95
TFAW-neapolitan-mastiff.gif Neapolitan Mastiff Price: $19.95
TFAW-newfoundland.gif Newfoundland Price: $19.95
TFAW-norfolk-terrier.gif Norfolk Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-norwegian-elkhound.gif Norwegian Elkhound Price: $19.95
TFAW-norwich-terrier.gif Norwich Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-old-english-sheepdog.gif Old English Sheepdog Price: $19.95
TFAW-papillon.gif Papillon Price: $19.95
TFAW-paw-print.gif Paw Print Price: $19.95
TFAW-pit-bull.gif Pit Bull Price: $19.95
TFAW-pit-bull-uncropped.gif Pit Bull (Natural) Price: $19.95
TFAW-pomeranian.gif Pomeranian Price: $19.95
TFAW-poodle-pet-clip.gif Poodle (Pet Clip) Price: $19.95
TFAW-poodle-show-clip.gif Poodle (Show Clip) Price: $19.95
TFAW-portugese-water-dog.gif Portugese Water Dog Price: $19.95
TFAW-puppy.gif Puppy Price: $19.95
TFAW-rat-terrier.gif Rat Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-rhodesian-ridgeback.gif Rhodesian Ridgeback Price: $19.95
TFAW-rottweiler.gif Rottweiler Price: $19.95
TFAW-saint-bernard.gif Saint Bernard Price: $19.95
TFAW-saluki.gif Saluki Price: $19.95
TFAW-samoyed.gif Samoyed Price: $19.95
TFAW-schipperke.gif Schipperke Price: $19.95
TFAW-schnauzer.gif Schnauzer Price: $19.95
TFAW-scottish-terrier.gif Scottish Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-sharpei.gif Shar Pei Price: $19.95
TFAW-sheltie.gif Shetland Sheepdog Price: $19.95
TFAW-shiba-inu.gif Shiba Inu Price: $19.95
TFAW-shih-tzu.gif Shih Tzu Price: $19.95
TFAW-spinone-italiano.gif Spinone Italiano Price: $19.95
TFAW-springer-spaniel.gif Springer Spaniel Price: $19.95
TFAW-vizsla.gif Vizsla Price: $19.95
TFAW-weimaraner.gif Weimaraner Price: $19.95
TFAW-west-highland-terrier.gif West Highland Terrier Price: $19.95
TFAW-whippet.gif Whippet Price: $19.95
TFAW-yorkie-show-clip.gif Yorkshire Terrier Price: $19.95