Lighthouse & Sailboat Garden Weathervane
Lighthouse & Sailboat Garden Weathervane

Lighthouse & Sailboat Garden Weathervane

The Lighthouse and Sailboat Garden Weathervane is a wonderful addition to the garden of the person who loves lighthouses, sailboats and the beach! The weathervane includes the Lighthouse and Sailboat topper, a sealed ball bearing wind cup, the directional, and your choice of mount.
Our Lighthouse and Sailboat Weathervane has a 3 step coating process that is specifically designed for a beautiful and durable finish that will provide years of enjoyment. A zinc chromate plating is applied on the base metal for better adhesion and durability - and most importantly - to prevent rust. Then a beautiful antique copper vein powder coat is baked on. And last, a clear powder coat is baked on to protect it against the UV rays and provides a durable, scratch resistant finish and will help with fading. A must for the sea lover! Made in the USA.

More Details

Dimensions:Weathervane Topper Measures: 21" L x 11" H
The height varies from 6 inches to 11 inches depending on Topper
Material:14 Gauge Steel
Delivery Time:Please allow 2 Weeks for Delivery