Dog Collars and Leads - Dog Collection

Dog Collection of our Ribbon Collars and Leads honors the dogs in your life! Our Dog Collection Ribbon Collars and Leads are available in

three widths - ½" for Toy-sized dogs or cats and ¾" and 1¼" widths for dogs

. All of our collars and leads are made with durable nylon webbing. Collars feature Delrin Acetal side release buckles for ease of fastening and separating and solid nickel plated “D” rings for strength. The collars are easily adjusted for length and are available in 10 sizes. Cat Collars feature Delrin Acetal side release break-away buckles for safety and solid nickel-plated “D” rings. All Leads use nickel plated swivel snaps.

¾" Width Collar Sizing:

XS - 10-15" Neck; S - 11-18" Neck ; M - 12-20" Neck

1 ¼" Width Collar Sizing

S - 11-18" Neck; M - 12-20" Neck; L - 15-24" Neck; XL - 18-28" Neck

½" Width Collar Sizing

XXX S -7" Neck; XXS - 7-10" Neck; XS - 9-13" Neck