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Hand Carved Dog Weathervanes

Hand Carved Dog Breed Weathervanes available in any dog breed. Our dog breed weathervane is a fully functioning, weather resistant weathervane. The dog breed weathervane is hand-carved from Basswood on both sides, sealed and hand-painted. A durable top finish insures vibrant colors for years to come on your custom made hand carved dog breed weathervane. Prices range from $575.00 to $695.00 - Free US Shipping.

Hawaii, Alaska and International Customers - please contact us for ordering and shipping cost information.

Browse our Dog Breed Weathervanes

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Akita Dog Weathervane
Akita Dog Weathervane$575.00 - $695.00
Basenji Dog Weathervane
Basenji Dog Weathervane$575.00 - $695.00
Basset Hound Dog Weathervane
Beagle Dog Weathervane
Beagle Dog Weathervane$575.00 - $695.00
Bichon Frise Dog Weathervane
Bloodhound Dog Weathervane
Boxer Dog Weathervane
Boxer Dog Weathervane$575.00 - $695.00
Brittany Dog Weathervane
Brittany Dog Weathervane$575.00 - $695.00
Bull Terrier Dog Weathervane
Bullmastiff Dog Weathervane
Chihuahua Dog Weathervane
Chihuahua Dog Weathervane$575.00 - $695.00
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Dog Weathervanes - Custom hand carved dog breed weathervanes. Aren't these weathervanes gorgeous! These are custom carved dog breed weathervanes - very breathtaking when you see the detail of the carving by our Master Woodcarver. So life-like and truly a work of art. Perfect for placement on your home, a pool house, garden area, kennel building - they enhance any building you choose to display it on.