Pitbull Dog Breed Chalkboard
Pitbull Dog Breed Chalkboard

Pitbull Dog Breed Chalkboard


Pit Bull Dog Chalkboard featuring your favorite dog breed - the Pit Bull. Our Pit Bull decorative dog breed chalkboard is completely handcrafted of 3/8" wood, with a 3/4" thick base. It is hand finished on both sides.
Table Model Dog Breed Chalkboards are perfect for shelves, counters, kitchen islands, and of course, tables. They stand on a stained, wooden base, which includes a chalk tray.

Wall Mounted Dog Breed Chalkboards are the answer when counter space is limited or when your walls need a dramatic focal point. A narrow chalk tray runs along the bottom and there is a hanger on the back.

More Details

Dimensions:16" x 14"
Breed:Pit Bull
Delivery Time:Please allow 2 weeks for delivery