Cat Cutting Boards

Our Cat Breed Cutting Boards are a fabulous, fabulous addition to the Cat Lover Kitchen. The Cat Cutting Boards are virtually indestructible - made from scratch-resistant tempered glass - and what is wonderful - they resist stains and odors. The dog design cannot be marred by cutting or heat as it is printed on the back side of the cutting board. Cutting boards measure 12" x 15".

The background of the cutting board repeats "the chef is not responsible for cat hair in the food"!

So many different uses for the Cat Cutting Boards - not just a cutting board but as a counter saver for hot dishes or even as a cheese serving tray! They look very nice leaning against a wall when not in use - just showing your love for your favorite kitty!
Calico Cat Cutting Board
Maine Coon Cat Cutting Board
Maine Coon Cat$49.9549.95
Persian Cat Cutting Board
Siamese Cat Cutting Board